Benefits of Having a Winter Home in the Texas Rio Grande Valley
Posted on August, 30 2016 10:31am
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Located in southern Texas, the Rio Grande Valley is the perfect location to have a winter home. Native Texans and tourists alike rave over the endless activities and places to explore. The region’s warm climate is a perfect location for getting away from the cold, even if just for a few weeks. Trails End RV Resort offers a wide range of daily and monthly stays. Below are a few of the many benefits of living in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Beautiful Beaches

That’s right, we have beaches and they are stunning! Some of the most notable beaches in the area are Falcon State Park, Rettilon Beach, Port Beach and Boca Chica Beach. These beaches and more are located approximately an hour and a half from our location. Perfect for short day trips!

Fun Attractions

With a local culture devoted to relaxation and enjoyment, there is always something to do. Enjoy wine? Be sure to visit the local Jaber Estate Winery to experience the local wine. Tastings and tours start at just $5 per person and give you a great sample of what Texas wine has to offer. Wildlife lovers be sure to visit Gladys Porter Zoo, a zoological and botanical park, great for enjoying and learning about animals.

Expert Medical Care

The local Mission Regional Medical Center is a five-star medical facility with 24/7 Emergency Room access and top doctors to keep your health in check. Doctors and hospitals in the local area understand the importance of both high quality and timely access to medical care.

These are just three of the many benefits to having a winter home in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. If you are interested in living at Trails End RV Resort, please visit us online today or give us a call at (877) 488-8354 to learn more about our beautiful property.

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